Are there plans to widen the road past Barndance Lane?

At this time, there is not a project planned to widen Stony Point Road south of Barndance Lane.

How can I stay informed about construction activity?

Staying informed about the progress of this project is easy. You can receive traffic advisories via Twitter, on Facebook and by signing up to receive weekly updates by subscribing here:

What improvements will be made to the intersection of Stony Point Road and Pearblossom Drive? Will a traffic signal be installed?

Stony Point Road will be widened into four lanes, with two travel lanes in each direction. These improvements to the intersection provide ample sight distances for movement in and out of Pearblossom Drive and do not necessitate a traffic signal at this intersection. Additionally, the proximity of this intersection to Hearn Avenue provides an easily accessible alternative route for getting to Stony Point Road.

What work will be performed?

Stony Point Road will be widened into four lanes from Sebastopol Road to Hearn Avenue and then taper into two lanes with a middle turn lane from Hearn Avenue to Barndance Lane. When completed, Stony Point Road will have continuous sidewalk, bicycle lanes, improved traffic signals and crosswalk improvements.

When is the project expected to be completed?

It is expected that the project will be completed by Summer 2018 pending any weather delays and unforeseen circumstances. The project has had challenges related to unforeseen conditions and weather that have contributed to project delays. The City recognizes the need to complete the project as quickly as possible, without compromising the quality of the finished project, to relieve residents and the traveling public from the on-going disruptions.

Who is building the project?

The City of Santa Rosa has contracted Bay Cities Paving & Grading of Concord, California to complete the Stony Point Road Widening and Reconstruction.

Why are trees being removed and are they being replaced?

We know how disappointing it can be to lose a tree and we make every effort to preserve existing plantings. New trees will be planted to replace those that require removal. Before the start of this project, an arborist was consulted to inspect and identify which trees required removal in order to widen the road. A biologist was also consulted to determine the appropriate time of year for removal of any trees in order to protect nesting bird species and other wildlife.