Stony Point Road Project Update for the week of October 25th

Paving Operations Continue this week.

Beginning October 25, asphalt surfacing will continue along the Stony Point Road Reconstruction and Widening Project corridor. Paving operations are scheduled at Pearblossom Drive to Northpoint Pkwy, Giffen Ave intersection and Lazzini Avenue to Gardner Avenue. West Lazzini Avenue will be CLOSED from 7 a.m. beginning October 25 through 11 p.m. October 28.

Paving and widening of Stony Point Road between Northpoint Parkway and Giffen Avenue is scheduled for Friday afternoon, October 27 into Sunday morning, October 29. The west side of the intersection of Giffen Avenue at Stony Point will also be CLOSED for all incoming and outgoing traffic on Giffen Avenue. To accommodate traffic, a detour west on Giffen Ave, south and then west on Lathrop Drive, and through the EVA gate at the south end of Buss Drive to Northpoint Parkway (at Kingfisher Way). However, all Stony Point Road traffic will remain on Stony Point Road, just on the east side of the median island (one lane each direction) between Giffen and Northpoint. During this operation, residents and commuters will experience delays and heavy truck traffic in the area.

Expect flashing red signal lights and a flagging crew at Giffen Avenue and Northpoint Parkway. There will be traffic and pedestrian procedures in place to minimize any inconveniences that may be caused by construction; however, we recommend using alternate routes where possible.

All residents will have access to their driveways by the end of shift every working day except for the time that paving is being performed directly in front of their driveway. Emergency access will always be provided. Please note that garbage service will continue to be on the regular day, please put your containers out the night before as usual, and all postal services will also continue daily.