The City of Santa Rosa thanks you for your patience throughout construction.

Project Summary

The Stony Point Road widening and reconstruction project included widening the two lane road into four lanes from Sebastopol Road to Hearn Avenue and then tapering into two lanes with a middle turn lane from Hearn Avenue to Barndance Lane. The project was designed to help alleviate traffic congestion; enhance safety; facilitate the flow of vehicular, pedestrian and bicycle traffic; and improve connectivity between the north and south sections of Santa Rosa.

Key Improvements

  • Additional travel lanes will be added to Stony Point Road
  • The roadway will be completely reconstructed and repaved
  • Bicycle lanes will be added on both sides of Stony Point Road
  • The Roseland Creek culvert bridge will be widened
  • Construction of permanent features, such as retaining walls and sound walls
  • New sidewalk and curb ramps will be constructed
  • Traffic signal improvements at six intersections
  • A landscaped median will be added
  • Street lighting will be enhanced along this corridor